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From the plot novel “The way to freedom”, pending publication, here is an excerpt from the speech of Mark Lomax at the San Diego press conference announcing the creation of the Free men real money network : “As most of you may remember from the dawn of the Internet, it was considered that the purpose of Web sites would be resumed by one or several of the ‘three Cs’: Commerce, Content, and Community. FMRM will primarily be a community site, aiming to create, enlarge and strengthen the connection between human beings who care about individual freedom, and who recognize that a sound monetary system is an absolute necessity to make individual freedom possible in society. We consider that a sound monetary system should be free of government intervention, with money being market determined commodities such as gold. Why is that? Well, you only need to look at what is happening now, and what has happened over the last years, culminating in the so called Subprime Crisis. It led to a more general economic crisis we are currently in the middle of. Two years ago, in order to counter the Subprime Crisis, the Federal Reserve spent or lent out around 3 trillion dollars of newly created money. Last year, the US government ran a budget deficit of around 11% of GDP, which means around 1.7 trillion dollars! This new government spending is being financed the usual way, largely through creation of new money. In practice, that happens as the Fed buys a lot of the new bonds with newly created money, and then sells some of those bonds on to the market. Living in a society where government can radically and arbitrarily increase the quantity of money in this manner is comparable to living in a house with no lock on the door, where at any point in time any stray criminal may drop by to pick some of your wealth.”

The free-men-real-money network endorses the fiction and non-fiction publications of Golden Vision Media LLC, with web site:

We also actively and thankfully 🙂  promote the novel series The Way to Freedom, without which our network would not have existed. The web site of The Way to Freedom novel series is here:

The author of The Way to Freedom is Carl Kyler:

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